New EU policy and sustainable commitment from Hagimex

The European Free Trade Association (EU) is one of Vietnam's most important export markets, especially in the agricultural sector. In recent years, the EU has made significant changes in trade policy with Vietnam, including higher requirements on sustainability standards.

Specifically, the EU has issued the Sustainable Trade Code (STCA) for agricultural products exported from third countries, including Vietnam. This rule requires exporting businesses to comply with environmental protection, labor, and human rights standards.

These changes pose new challenges for Vietnamese agricultural export enterprises, including Hagimex. However, Hagimex also sees this as an opportunity to affirm its commitment to sustainable development.

Hagimex has implemented several solutions to meet EU requirements, including:

- Strengthen the application of environmental protection measures in agricultural production, such as using safe fertilizers and pesticides and minimizing environmental pollution.
- Comply with international labor standards, ensuring workers' rights.
- Promote social responsibility activities and support local communities.

The EU's new policy is an opportunity for Vietnamese agricultural exporters to access this large market. However, to take advantage of this opportunity, businesses need to make careful preparations, including making commitments to sustainability in production. Hagimex is one of the leading businesses in implementing this commitment and has achieved much success.

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