Board of Management

  1. General Director: Mr. Nguyen Tien Anh (Alex)

With lots of experience in management positions in some state owned agricultural import-export companies, Mr. Alex – as the founder, established Hagimex JSC with the ambition to bring high quality products of Vietnam to the world. With his leadership, backed by all company members’ support, Hagimex is rapidly moving forward to become the top canned vegetables and fruits and spices company in Vietnam.

  1. Sales Manager: Mrs. Nguyen Thuy Linh (Vicky)

As one of the founder of Hagimex, Vicky has been working at Hagimex for over 10 years. With such long experiences and insight of the company’s operation, she is leading sales team to enter high-demanding markets, which bring higher added value to Vietnam agricultual products.

  1. Factory manager: Mrs. Nguyen Thi Hai Thuy

Joining Hagimex in 2015, Mrs. Thuy has achieved lots of success in improving Hagimex production efficiency and quality control. With many years experience in food and beverage industry (former QC and R&D manager of Sai Gon beer) and great passion for her job, she strives every day to continuously increase Hagimex productivity and ensure quality control.

  1. Maintenance dept: Mr. Nguyen Ba Ngoc

An engineer with his love for the job and spirit of overcoming difficulties and challenges. With his experiences, he always keeps the machineries and equipments working well. He is also leading the maintainence team to set up new machines and equipments to increase automation in production and reduce manual labor.

  1. Finance – Accounting dept: Mrs. Nguyen Thi Hong Thoa

As a person with 15 years of experiences in the profession, she always completed her assigned task to ensure good internal spending issues, manage accounting-related areas.

  1. Human resources leader: Mrs. Nguyen Thi Hue

A young and passionate person but with lots of experience in human resources. Since joining Hagimex, Ms. Hue has increased the quality and quantity of staff recruited for the company, contributing to smooth production of the factory. She is also dedicated in taking care of all the company members, creating an engaging working environment.

  1. Materials Department: Mr. Hoang Anh Tuan

As Hagimex’s representative in working with farmers, Mr. Tuan always tries to meet the company’s need of raw materials, both quality and quantity while always taking care and ensuring benefits of farmers, following what Hagimex has set out: "Farmer is both a partner and a family member"

  1. Production Manager: Mr. Nguyen Manh Hong

With his passion for work, Mr. Hong is constantly looking for solutions to improve productivity, encourage and promote the working spirit and skills of the workers.

  1. QC team leader: Ms. Chu Thi Thuy

As a young person with great enthusiasm with her job, Ms. Thuy doesn’t mind the difficulties and obstacles of the work. She always work with the highest sense of responsibility to ensure the quality of all products that Hagimex offers to the market.