Lychee is a tropical fruit, it smells, tastes sweet and delicious, so it is loved by many people. Canned lychee is peeled lychee, soaked seeds in syrup. Common ingredients are lychee, water, sugar and citric acid. Canned litchi can be enjoyed anytime of the year and tastes better when served with, in cocktails or in salads.
In about 3 weeks, ripe litchi crop will start early in the harvest season, the agricultural industry of the litchi growing areas will actively implement measures to promote official export, as well as link domestic consumption.
During the recent trip to Bac Giang, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyen Xuan Cuong said: This year's litchi crop is affected by two factors, one is adverse weather changes affecting quality. , reduce the fabric value; secondly, the COVID-19 epidemic caused disruption of export markets.
The province of Bac Giang with the output lychee accounted for more than 50% of the total lychee of the country. In the context of translation COVID-19 is still complicated, the first priority of local today is urgently freight traffic.
Notably, crop lychee year of Bac Giang will have 30% of the area in the early ripening. This will be the premise to ensure continued crop lychee more abundant then usual. Forecasting, lychee output/ha this year will be higher compared to the year 2019.

So, the local Agricultural sector took the initiative to insure all products quality exported to China by the main quota; at the same time, maintain 18 code number of the plant with an output of over 1,500 tons of standard export to USA, EU...
In the context of translation COVID-19, the domestic market is said to market the most sustainable and should be enlist a maximum. With the domestic market, mr. Duong Van Thai – chairman of people's committee Bac Giang province suggested Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development connection to the system of the retail groups large domestic join consume lychee of local.

By 2020, the province of Bac Giang have over 28,000 hectares lychee output was estimated at 160,000 tons, an increase of 10,000 tonnes compared to the year 2019; in which the lychee soon 6,000 hectares, output of 45,000 tons; lychee main crop on 22.100 ha, production of 115.000 tons.

Area lychee manufactured according to standards VietGAP of the province has 15,000 hectares, accounting for 53% of the total area of the province, production is estimated at 110,000 tons, accounting for nearly 69% of the total production. GlobalGAP certified lychee has 80 hectares, the output is estimated at 500 tons to serve high-end markets.

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