Canned pineapples are exported in large quantities to Russia, Germany and the United States. In addition to factors such as a stable pineapple supply, a fairly uniform quality of pineapples, a stable export price, the pineapple export market is expanding gradually.

Russia still is the market leader in the domestic import pineapple of Vietnam, accounting for about 30% of the total exports of pineapples. Demand for canned food of the Russian population is growing. Currently, 80% of Russian consumers buy these canned products such as vegetables, beans, fruit, salad, fast food and canned beverages.

Pineapple “Cayenne” and “Queen” on the regions

In times past, pineapples are one of 3 types of fruit tree owners are encouraged to invest in development in order to serve export. The main pineapples used include Queen and Cayene;

  • Team pineapple Queen: grown in popularity, adaptable to climate, land alum salty mekong DELTA, drought and poor soil nutrients in the hilly areas of Central.
  • Team pineapple Cayenne: this variety grows well on soils that are pH neutral, to achieve high productivity, need to have measures to invest in care the right technique. Like Cayene is the type of high-yield, suitable for processingIf Vietnam used the same pineapple Cayen, technological improvements, management is likely to compete with Thailand because the use of a pineapple equally.