Organic cinnamon & star anise

More and more food products seem to be available in organic form these days so why not your spices?  While spices only provides a minor portion of our diets, those that are concerned about pesticide residues on the plants that yield these critical flavor enhancers are demanding that they have access to top quality organic spices.  Our network of organic spices is committed to sustainable farming and production practices and we share a mutual belief that fostering environmentally responsible action is critical to our own health as well as the planet's future.

When you support organic farmers by buying organically grown spices, you're doing a small but critical part in helping prevent soil erosion, saving the energy that it takes to produce synthetic fertilizers, protecting farm worker's health and helping to keep the carcinogens found in herbicides and pesticides out of the water system and the food that we eat.

Hagimex commits to providing organic cinnamon and star anise products that meet USDA and EU Organic Standards. All raw materials when putting into production are clearly sourced from growers and carefully selected for quality. With modern production processes and strict compliance to control product quality (especially food safety), Hagimex is confident that we are a supplier of organic cinnamon and star anise qualified and always met the needs.