One more lychee season has ended. This is probably Hagimex's most memorable production season. We call this production campaign “Racing against Covid”.

With experience in producing and exporting canned lychee to high-end markets such as Germany and the US and has been assessed by the market for quality, in 2021, the number of orders for Hagimex have increased triple.The lychee crop only lasted for less than 1 month, both the production team and the raw materials team were carefully prepared to ensure the capacity to meet the oders.

However, the beginning of the lychee crop is also the time when the Covid-19 epidemic situation begins to become stressful, the factory is at risk of having to stop production if there are any Covid cases. The whole apparatus at this time unanimously built a high determination to "Race against Covid".

Periodic testing of all employees at the factory

Our company quickly implemented a series of anti-epidemic measures such as organizing Covid testing and medical declaration for all employees periodically during the lychee season, propagating and monitoring the implementation of epidemic prevention measures, strictly control the points in and out of the factory,…The job of recruiting, taking care of, managing our employees, and controlling factory security at the same time as the administrative and human resources department has more and more difficult during the epidemic season with the huge and continuous demand for seasonal workers.The little girls of the Human Resource department joked that this was a historical production season full of 25 days and nights of fighting, with many events that brought sweat and tears.

Disinfection at the factory

Controlling in the epidemic season.

With a sudden large number of orders, despite being very well prepared in terms of facilities and organization, the production department still faced with not enough seasonal workers due to strict regulations during the pandemic.The production lasted from 4am to 12pm, all members fought with tireless spirit. Going to work before sunrise, working overtime and coming home late is common, even for those who are far from the company.

There are many people who register to stay at the company so that they can be on duty for production. We have to mention: Ms. Mai, the storekeeper – who is present at the company at any time to receive Lychee materials, whether it is 2 am or 12 pm; a team of skilled production workers and team leaders day and night to raise high skill and productivity of the whole block such as Nguyen Thi Nhung, Nguyen Thi Hue, Hoang Thi Hoa, Truong Thi Duong, Truong Thi Minh Phuong, Nguyen Thi Dinh, Hoang Kim Yen, Hoang Thi Binh, Hoang Thi Huong C, Vu Van Hieu.

Standing behind that is indispensable production leaders, who spread the fire with all their enthusiasm for their work. The last day of production, exactly 0:40 am, when the last cargo was finished, it was also the time when the deputy director of the factory, the production management team, the quality management team, the electromechanical team began to prepare go home.

5 phones awarded to best employees with the best stripping Lychee skills

Not only fighting with the attitude of epidemic prevention, but Hagimex people also fought in the epidemic center. The ripest lychee time is when Luc Ngan district, Bac Giang province becomes a hot spot for Covid-19. Our raw material team is still determined to stay here to fulfill our purchasing goals, complete received orders, as well as contribute to Lychee consumption in the context of limited trade in goods from epidemic areas. The last days of the lychee crop when 80% of the communes in the lychee area were blocked is also a sprint for the raw materials department.

25 days and nights "Racing against Covid" is probably a memorable milestone in the development of the great Hagimex family, when our team stood side by side to overcome many difficulties and experienced all emotions on the way to a common goal: not less stress, fatigue, anxiety but also too many hours of joy, enthusiasm, and determination.

Hagimex is extremely proud to be the home of the "unsung heroes" in every can of lychee consumed on the other side of the ocean.