Hagimex Lychee 2022

For Hagimex, in order to bring the best products, we always select from the raw material stage, bunches of Thieu litchi such as bright red skin, thin skin, smooth spines. The pulp is thick, the seeds are small, between the pulp and seeds there is a thin brown film. And to select quality ingredients, Hagimex has always prioritized Thanh Ha and Luc Ngan litchi, two famous places to grow delicious lychees in Vietnam.

This year, at places selling litchi such as Luc Ngan, Thanh Ha, there are many sellers. The bountiful litchi season and large output have attracted many traders, which is why the buying and selling power has increased very high.

This season, Hagimex has set a target to purchase thousands of tons of litchi and export hundreds of containers to European countries. Currently, Hagimex's main purchasing points are present in Luc Ngan and Thanh Ha.

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