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Hagimex is a premium producer of canned vegetables and spices possessing the secret to embrace the original natural flavors of the tropical ingredients of Vietnam in each product just as freshly picked to satisfy the taste of diverse customers around the world. Our mission is to ceaselessly nurture pure and natural products, from every flower branch to sweet fruit, all of which embrace every golden sunshine ray and dewdrops of nature mother to build a human peaceful life



We always make sure our production and business operation comply with global food safety standards. We are the first Vietnames factory processing cinnamon and star aniseed to have BRC and IFS certificate. Hagimex is also one of just a few pickles producers qualified for these 2 standards.

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Award excellent staff 2020

Award excellent staff 2020

From Director Nguyen Tien Anh's judgment: 'Timely honoring and rewarding is the spillover effect, improving working morale, determination to achieve the highest efficiency of each Hagimex employee'. p...

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