Summary of Vietnamese Agricultural News in May 2019

Summary of Vietnamese Agricultural News in May 2019

According to Dan Tri, at the Economic Forum "Production and consumption of lychee and promotion of cultural, tourist and agricultural products in Bac Giang province in 2019" took place in May 29 in Bac Giang, Mr. Duong Van Thai, Vice Chairman of Bac Giang Provincial People's Committee, said the average price of litchi currently reaches from 30,000 to 50,000 VND / kg, 2 times higher than the same period. This is also the year when the quality of lychee is highest in Bac Giang province.

Bac Giang province's area of ​​lychee in 2019 maintained over 28,000 ha, output was estimated at 150,000 tons. In particular, the area of ​​early lychee is about 6,000 ha, with an output of 40,000 tons. The main area of ​​thieu litchi is about 22,000 ha, producing about 110,000 tons.

Notably, the area of ​​production under VietGap standards has reached 13,855 hectares, production of GlobalGap standards is 218 hectares (was granted IRADS code for 394 production households, concentrated at Luc Ngan district).
This year, from May 25, early cloths in Luc Ngan began to harvest and set off in all regions. It is expected that this harvest will end after about 10, then make room for the lychee expected to harvest from June 5 to July 5.

Central Group representative in Vietnam said: “This year's litchi season, we are committed to consuming 350 tons nationwide. Especially, right on the present day, we commit to buy 6 containers of lychee for sale at Big C supermarket system in many provinces and Lan Chi supermarket system ”.

Not only that, the representative of this group also revealed that on this occasion, the first lychee container of 2019 will officially be exported to Thailand.
In addition to the above markets, the direction to China still accounts for the highest proportion in recent years. According to figures of Lang Son Customs Department, in 2018 alone, 51,000 tons of fresh fabric and 19,000 tons of dry cloth, worth over USD 30 million, went through the border to China.

However, referring to the Chinese market - one of the major export markets of Vietnam today, this market is no longer "easy" as many years ago.

According to the report of Lang Son Customs Department, in recent years, the amount of fabric exported through the border gates in Lang Son area accounts for about two thirds of the total exported fabric nationwide. In particular, the Tan Thanh border gate (Vietnam) and Po Chai (China) are signed by the Governments of the two countries as a border market. Therefore, this is the traditional trade point of the group of fruit and agricultural products between the two countries.

Particularly, the export turnover of fruits and vegetables has accounted for 90% of the total agricultural export turnover through land border gates on the border with China.

In particular, in 2018, only fresh fruit exported to China reached 51,000 tons, dry cloth was 19,000 tons, with a value of over $ 30 million.

However, the policy is different from year to year, because recently, functional forces on the Chinese side have changed the organizational structure. Accordingly, quarantine forces merged into Customs, so many mechanisms also changed.

The point of change also makes it more difficult for the most grower to, from May 1, 2018, the Chinese side applied traceability. The Chinese side will strengthen and tighten border export and import management for Vietnam's agricultural and fruit products. This leads to a significant reduction in agricultural products through Lang Son border gates and greatly affects production and business of the people.

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News of price and situation of lychee export are growers and traders' concern in May.

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