It is the beginning of a new year after 365 days fighting with what we stated in OGSM, some of you can translate what it is, some may not know. But we understand that is the Goal.

We went together to fight the unstability of the weather, the market, and serve the customers to achive our goals. We worked together to gradually improve our business- it is income for all employees. The things we face are always challenging, sometimes we were overwhelmed by fatigue, deadlock. But with the arms joining together to form the "Great unity" block, together we determined to overcome those challenges. After each year, there are new faces - young people come to fight with us. And there are faces that appear every year, even though wearing make-up for a new year celebration , but we can see their wrinkles on their faces that did not appear when they first joined Hagimex.

In the bottom of our hearts, no matter what religion we follow,  we always wish the same thing. It is “Peace”.  We go to pagodas at the beginning of every year to pray for peace for our families and for the company where we devote our youth to ensure family life.

On the first day of the new year, we call it "Khai Xuan", coming here, young and old, both are offered lucky money by the director according to the traditions of Vietnamese . Accompanying lucky money envelopes are the best wishes we have for each other. As planning since the end of the previous year, we prepared a small Ceremony to go to Tam Chuc Pagoda together, quite close to the Company. We are not a very big group, but we went together and everyone who looked at it knew we were a solid team. Some people also took the whole family with them, which showed that Hagimex is a true family. We prayed together, breathing in the fresh, quiet, calm air of that sacred place. Step by step together on the slopes to conquer the different shrines. Sometimes tired, together stopping, we looked at each other and cheered, holding hands and going up together. At those times, it seems that there is no longer a distance between colleagues but a sense of teamwork, forgetting tiredness, forgetting different opinions when working. It is truly sacred and makes our hearts peaceful.

The trip is a warm-up for our next goals. We gathered and together enjoyed the offerings we bring to the gods for good fortune, faith, and spiritual strength. At the end of the journey, we were all excited about the next day at the usual positions and jobs filled with energy.

It is our yearly practice, how about you going to the temple temple with us?