September Training

September Training


What are your kids' dreams?
Use action to describe to people without words.

This is an interesting opening for the consulting meeting on Human Resource Management for Hagimex today of consultant Nguyen Bich Lan (Ms. Lan). The excitement was started not just because of the happy atmosphere, because many raspberry actors described the dragon that people thought was a duck, the mouse thought it was a cow ... Behind that are stories that share to each and every person in the company to see the diversity and uniqueness in his team; then we see similarities-common characteristics among people in a department.

Accept the differences, strengthen the cohesion between individuals, between departments in the enterprise to create a unified team. That is one of the values ​​of the consultation, besides the content on promoting creativity in production and business, so that the slogan of innovation does not stop as a slogan is a process, it must truly turn into concrete actions in the business, at every employee and at any time, and enhance cooperation among departments, sharing experiences and skills on training and coaching people.

The enthusiastic, full and enthusiastic participation of each individual and all departments from Hanoi office or factory in Ha Nam has made a deep impression on this year's EFD consultants and project administrators. You are the ones who create innovations and breakthrough solutions in your own work and in the business. And people from the project is very proud and happy to be with you, people of Hagimex on a new journey of change.

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