Hagimex Year End Party 2018

Hagimex Year End Party 2018

The end of the Year is also known as the Year End Party, which is a ceremony to mark the end of a year and prepare for the new year. This is a long-standing custom and a cultural beauty of Vietnamese people. Sharing that atmosphere, on January 26, all of Hagimex's staff and employees together joned Party with a warm, happy and full of love.

Opening is the speech of General director – Mr.Nguyen Tien Anh with sincere feelings, deep in the heart of loving employees, colleagues, enthusiasm, burning passion for his career. Thereby, he summarized briefly what was achieved, not done in 2018 and the plan to overcome and strive in 2019 of the entire company. That statement has really spread to everyone which make everyone understand and has the feeling and looked back on the whole journey last year as well as the spirit of determination to strive more in the upcoming 2019. He ended with a radiant smile on lips and smiling eyes looking at all colleagues.

Next, with the eagerness, expectation, Mr. Tien Anh slowly announced the list of rewarding outstanding employees in 2018. It's easy to feel the excitement, happiness filled his face and individuals receive prizes. And sure, at that time, everyone gave their pride, passion and determination, trying harder in the coming new year!

Right after that was the party and the performance with the participation of all the staff. Everyone laughs and talks, chattering excitedly, sharing extremely cozy stories like family members. Not only is there a feeling of affection for colleagues, leaders and staff for each other but through this year, people also enjoy the wonderful voices of "close brothers, close sisters” and each other's talents. Besides, under the guidance of the beautiful MC, many short but challenging and extremely fun games have made the atmosphere become more exciting and more temperate.

Finally, the lottery draw - the time most people interested in. Each award was prepared in advance by the Organizing Committee of company, who in turn gave lucky people the joyful and exciting atmosphere to close an old year and look forward to a new year - excited in 2019 determination and success!

We wish all leaders, employees, workers of the company healthy, happy and successful! Wish Hagimex 2019 great victory!

Wish all Hagimex partners have a new year health, happiness and success!