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English name: Tea.
Scientific name: Camellia sinensis.

HS code: 0902FF
Vietnam is located in the Asian monsoon region, the cradle of tea. Both climate and soil are suitable for the cultivation of tea. The annual average rainfall is 1,700-2,000 millimeters per year. The average temperature is 21-22 degrees Celsius while the annual average humidity is 80-85%. Tea plantation lands consist of clay and basaltic schist. Tea plantations grow in hilly or mountainous terrain which is divided into 3 regions: the low region (under 300m), the middle region (between 300 and 600m), the high region (over 1,000m), hence the quality of the tea is quite good.
Tea varieties:
The first tea plantations appeared a long time ago under 2 forms:
- the household tea gardens: fresh tea leaves in the Red River Delta in Ha Dong town, hills tea in Nghe An province.
- the mountain tea forests: the fermented brown tea as in the provinces of Ha Giang, Thai Nguyen, Bac Ha...
Besides these two kinds of tea mentioned above, there are two other varieties of industrial teas:
- OTD traditional technology processed black tea.
Breeds of tea plant include two varieties of tea: Midland and Shan which are green tea and black tea. Shan mountain tea breeds contain a lot of buds which have many white naps highly sought after by the world market.
Our main markets are South Asia, Middle East and Europe.
Tea grading and markings:
The leaf grades result exclusively from the last stage of production and the sorting stage. There are 4 basic groups of orthodox production: leaf, broken, fannings and dust. These categories specify and indicate the different leaf sizes and their associated strengths.
                  Diagram No. 3: tea grades available in Vietnam
Harvest season:
The total tea growing area in Vietnam is 13 305 hectares with an output of 6 000 tons of dry tea per year. The tea harvest takes place from April to November every year.
Supply time: all year round.
Supply ability per year: 70.000 MT/all grades.
Daily drink.
Tea has a long storage life of 18 months or more provided that proper transport and storage conditions are maintained. However, this does not apply to aromatized teas.
What is the difference between green and black tea?
Both green tea and black tea come from the leaves of the plant Camellia sinensis. However, the categories of tea are distinguished by the processing the leaves undergo. The black tea leaves are fully oxidised whereas the green tea leave are lightly steamed before being dried.


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Scented tea
Scented teas are black, green, Oolong or white teas blended with natural essential oils of fruits or flowers. They may contain actual flower blossoms as well as pieces of dried fruits.   In Vietnam, the most popular scented teas are lotus tea and jasmine tea. They are both types of green tea produced in Vietnam flavored with the scents of lotus or jasmine. It is a specialty product of the Vietnamese tea industry and it is consumed as part of celebratory events or festivals.   Specification: made by scenting (mix of green tea and flowers: lotus, jasmine...). ..

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Green tea
Specifications: - All grades: green tea BPS, F, OP, P, OPA... - Shipment: within 20 days after receipt of L/C. - Payment: by irrevocable L/C at sight. - Samples & prices: available upon request. - Port of shipment: Haiphong port, Vietnam. ..

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Black tea
Specifications: - All grades: black tea OP, FBOP, P, PS, BPS, F, D. - Both OTD and CTC type. - Shipment: within 20 days after receipt of L/C. - Payment: by irrevocable L/C at sight. - Samples & prices: available upon request. - Port of shipment: Haiphong port, Vietnam.   ..

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