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2017-12-24 21:47:09

Addressing an international forum on organic farming in Hanoi on Saturday, the PM also spoke on the importance of food safety and production standards.

“The ministries of agriculture, rural development and health need to work together to issue a set criteria for organic farm produce,” he told a conference titled Viet Nam Organic Agriculture – Development and Integration, adding that organic farming was an important part of Vietnam’s agricultural production.


The event was organised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), the Viet Nam Organic Agriculture Association, and TH Group. It attracted more than 400 Vietnamese and foreign experts, along with representatives of businesses, ministries, sectors and localities.

PM Phuc said the market’s growing demand was a golden chance for the development of organic agriculture in Vietnam.

He said the Government would devise the institutions, policies, decrees and circulars needed for organic agriculture to develop.

The PM said many products could be produced by organic farming, requesting the formation of clean agriculture for all of Vietnam’s people - and for export.

The practice of organic farming in each locality demonstrated responsibility towards the community and future generations, he said.

The Government leader added that organic agriculture would satisfy the demands of the high-end segment and help Vietnam better integrate into the world. Therefore, it must be developed in a methodological and scientific manner.

Meanwhile, non-organic agriculture should not be under-estimated as with high productivity, it would still ensure national food security, PM Phuc said.

He called on scientists, farmers, businesses and the whole of society to engage in developing organic agriculture for the sake of a clean environment and the health and happiness of each citizen.

Source: VNS



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