Established in 2008 with the strong motivation to self-assurance of quality, Hagimex has become a leading manufacturer of canned fruits/vegetables and spices in Vietnam. Our high-quality products have been exported to over 20 countries for years.

2008 Company's establishment.
2009 Expansion of our export activities with focus on gherkins. 
2010 Establishment of our own factory with two main categories of products: canned food and spices.
2011 Transfer of outsourced activities to our factory.
2012 Output volume increase of factory, top 2 of gherkins manufacturers.
2013 Company's restructuration.
2014 Participation in the CIB program and focus on high-quality markets.

From now on, as part of the world's supply chain network, we commit to providing our customers worldwide with higher quality products. We constantly improve our products insuring they meet the highest standards when it comes to quality, efficiency and health of our consumers. 

HAGIMEX strives everyday to build strong human relationships and together, we will contribute to make more delicious meals so that our consumers can maintain their peace of mind and trust in our brand.