Hagimex New Year Party 2019

Hagimex New Year Party 2019

Swallow wings fly on the blue sky that know signal of the spring is coming. Unlike the cold winter, the sunny summer, the autumn is sad with the falling yellow leaves, the spring gives everything a gentle, warm feeling. Spring is a wonderful gift that nature has bestowed upon all things. It is a priceless gift. Adorn the beautiful spring scene are colorful and special flowers that are indispensable, fresh apricot, peach blossom, things that have been attached to the spring with our Vietnamese New Year. Sharing the same emotion, Hagimex has traveled to the beloved Ha Nam land to enjoy itself with nature, heaven, landscape and people here.

In previous years, according to the company's tradition, employees will go to the temple to pray for luck and peace. This year, Hagimex selects "Tam Chuc" - the national key tourist area which is the first spring tourist destination. Before departure, all of you are fully gathered in the factory meeting room to listen to the director's yearly wishes and send each other good wishes. In addition, from the point of view of the Eastern people, during Tet holidays, people often give each other lucky money to hope a new year full of joy, health, luck and success.

After that, everyone went to Tam Chuc Tourist Area to feel the beauty of nature and pray for a peaceful new year. Moreover, it is an extremely meaningful moment to help the company members close together, understand each other, welcome a new year full of excitement, full of determination and atmosphere for a new year - 2019 success brilliant!

Indeed, right after New Year Party, people immediately started work with the highest spirit. Happy spring does not forget the mission, with new goals, new paths, from the Board of Directors to all employees and workers of the company have been and will continue to try, make more efforts, always keep fire passion, love, sense of responsibility to fulfill our noble mission. In 2019 will be the year to mark the remarkable success of Hagimex, making Hagimex become the leading Manufacturing and Exporting Company of canned food and spice products in Vietnam, bringing Vietnam's agricultural products to many countries. More world experts, especially to the high-end markets, conquer the most fastidious customers!

Hagimex wishes all partners new year 2019 health, happiness and success!

Best regards!