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With the desire to bring high quality products made in Vietnam to the world, HAGIMEX strives to make better products every day, contributing to more delicious meals for our consumers. With facilities, production organization and human resoucrces, we control product quality effectively "from farm to table".



We always make sure our production and business operation comply with global food safety standards. We are the first Vietnames factory processing cinnamon and star aniseed to have BRC and IFS certificate. Hagimex is also one of just a few pickles producers qualified for these 2 standards.

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Hagimex at Sial Paris 2018 Food Fair

Hagimex at Sial Paris 2018 Food Fair

The SIAL PARIS Show is one of Europe’s largest and most important food and beverage fairs for exhibitors who wish to showcase their products to new markets and target groups. The theme for the 2018 ...

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